Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning

Want to Freshen Up Your Carpets?

Want to Freshen Up Your Carpets?

Look into residential carpet cleaning services in Phoenix, AZ

Walking across dirty carpets can look and feel gross. Ensure yours are clean by hiring Carefree Cleaning Co. We offer residential and commercial carpet cleaning services in the Phoenix, AZ area. Our experts will wet the rug, break down the water barrier and use a fan to accelerate the drying time for your rug cleaning services. Additionally, we can vacuum, steam and extract problem areas as needed.

Let us refresh your carpets

If you're tired of seeing ugly stains, residential carpet cleaning services from Rocky Mountain Carpet Cleaning are perfect for you. Clients prefer hiring us rather than cleaning their carpets themselves because we:

  • Remove odors
  • Save them time
  • Improve the indoor air quality
  • Use professional-grade equipment
We can also apply protective coatings and deodorizing treatments to your carpets upon request. Call today to schedule an appointment for rug cleaning services with us.